Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The One

Wearing:  Vintage jewellery and clutch, Fox & Clover Camisole, Ellery Skirt, Converse Sneakers

So, there's this skirt...  I don't want to seem over-eager or start putting labels on things...  I mean, I only just got it, you know? But I can already tell we are made for each other.

I was at the Ellery Sample Sale when I first saw her.  I'd been lusting after various midi skirts for months.  I'd seen silk ones and neoprene ones... Heck, I'd even seen leather ones.  But none of them had her elegance, her dignified confidence, her perfect combination of contemporary structure and classic sophistication.

I knew I had to have her.

I felt weightless as I left the store, enchantress skirt in tow.  Although this state can largely be attributed to my lack of physical encumberment, following the surrender of all my monetary baggage in the previous rush of reckless consumeristic abandon.

I'd had moments like these before.  There were other skirts before her. But I'll tell you what made her so special.  Unlike with all those other skirts, she was an investment.

She was versatile and substantial.  A lifetime piece.

Buyers remorse did not rear its ugly head.

Only one question remained; how would I do justice to my elegant new piece of apparel?

Whilst styling such a versatile, classic item is seemingly simple, it carries with it some pitfalls that can be easy to fall in to.  It is often difficult to style a classic piece without falling into the realm of predictable, conventional and cliche outfits.

I love combining vintage accessories with distinctly modern clothing in order to add a sense of personal flair and create a sense of timeless elegance to anchor the look.  I also chose to pair the skirt with a strappy camisole to ensure the outfit does not come across as being overly conservative, given the modest design of the skirt.

The predictable footwear choice for this outfit would have been an elegant, pointed-toe pump, possibly with ankle socks underneath a la the ever-immaculate Natalie Joos.  However, I am definitely more of a flats kind of girl.   Converse add a sense of fun to any outfit and by my reckoning, there is never an inappropriate time to wear them.

I'm sure you guys will be seeing a lot more of this skirt in the future.  

In the meantime, I leave you with some advice to consider:
1.  Investment pieces.  Buy one.
2. When in doubt, Converse are always the answer.

Photography: Deneale Sanders

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  1. you look really sweet and lovely in black, and love the pearl necklace!
    Happy New Year and I wish you a wonderful 2014!

    Check out my new year post on print-clashing trend :)
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