Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Debut

Wearing:  Rollie Nation Brogues, Lululemon Sports Bra, Bec & Bridge Blazer, PaperHeart Dress, St&ard Jean Co Denim Shirt (Similar here), Vintage Necklace, Tweed River Plaid Shirt (Ain't no shame in wearing a cheap men's button down)

What better way to mark my debut into the blogosphere than by adorning myself in a cacophony of visually offensive garments and prancing about in a car park in the early hours of the morning with an audience of gawking pre-work gym-goers?  I consider myself totally immune to fear of judgement regarding my sartorial choices, as a result of years of well meaning mockery from friends and family.  I've resigned myself to conceding that they are never going to 'get' double denim despite my exhaustive efforts to emphasize to them just how 'chic' it is.

I am creating this blog with the hope that others in the fashion community might be inspired by my style, mercurial and eccentric though it may be.  Simultaneously, I hope that in developing this vehicle, I might expose myself to a greater depth of ideas, resources and opportunities than I would previously have had access to.

However, I can't pretend that my intentions in conceiving Nonchalant Narcissism were all honourable.  A need to justify my rampant shopping addiction was definitely a key factor in this blog's inception.

From the early stages of pondering ideas for the blog, I knew I wanted it to begin with a bang.  I wanted my first outfit to showcase my willingness to experiment, my unique sense of style and some of my personality. I feel satisfied that this culmination of controversial adornments did the trick in perfectly encapsulating my personal style philosophy: Why stop at one statement piece when you can wear them all?  

The fact that my first shoot also exhibits my propensity towards awkward foot positioning and general lack of coordination is just an unanticipated bonus.  At least we know there will be no shocks in store for future posts.

For more eye-frying outfitting and squirm-inducing foot placement, keep popping in!  Bras worn externally are optional but recommended.

Photography:  Deneale Sanders

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