Thursday, 30 January 2014

Chickens, Eggs and Turbans


Wearing:  MINKPINK Top, MINKPINK Shorts, Senso Shoes, Lovisa Fringe Necklace

It's a classic chicken-egg scenario.

Which came first, the wall or the outfit?

I like to think it was a simultaneous cognition.  That I was both inspired to bring this outfit to fruition by the street art and motivated by the conception of the outfit to begin seeing such a familiar, unextroadinary wall as the perfect compliment to all my sartorial dreams.

Either way, the combination of the two is a chromatic extravaganza.

I am of the irrevocable opinion that the print-clashing trend is one which will never plummet into extinction, although it teeters ever-closer to the precipice each time someone's fashion-misinformed Dad wears a Hawaiian shirt with coordinated printed board-shorts.  Tricky as it can be to pull off, it never fails to grant its wearer an instant surplus of happiness and confidence to take on the day.

Any excuse to wear a turban and any number of articles of floral clothing on my person at a time, and I am all in.

Photography: Deneale Sanders

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  1. omg girl, your blog is amazing!
    so glad I found you - it's rare to find somebody who can carry off so many prints in one outfit while still keeping it clean and casual :)