Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Easy Peasy

A guide to looking chic when your mind says pointed pumps and black blazers but your heart screams sweatpants and Cheetos-face

Wearing:  Bec & Bridge Top (Similar here and here), Steele Shorts, Nude Heels (Similar here), St&ard Jean Co Denim Shirt (Similar here), Vintage Jewellery

Summer holidays cause the days to yawn open; long, languid yawns accompanied by drooping eyelids and idle eyes.  Their prolonged gaping traps you in a state of suspense, as you stare into their enigmatic depths and await the time when they will inevitably collapse into an impenetrable prison once more.  You see their precarious, gravestone teeth above you, poised to plummet.  And you do nothing.  Scared to make even the slightest movement, lest it hasten the arrival of the impending avalanche.

On lethargic days such as these it can be tempting to neglect one's responsibilities completely and indulge in sluggish procrastination. You allow Sex In The City episodes to engross you so completely that whole weeks are annihilated before they seem to have begun and convince yourself that it is your absolute duty to sample each and every Ben & Jerry's ice-cream flavour for quality assurance purposes.  If you manage your time wisely, abiding by a strict lavatory schedule and moving the entire house's stock of junk food to the lounge to ensure maximum efficiency of access, you might even get time to watch a couple of seasons of Girls.  Such are the criterion against which a holiday is measured, in determining the effectiveness of its usage.

But soon enough the gloriously indolent days of Summer come to an end for all of us.  A completion brought to our attention by the sudden and shocking transition of life from colour into grayscale.  No matter how early we see it climbing tentatively over the horizon, our forced re-acquaintance with commitment and responsibility always arrives to an unprepared and inhospitable welcome.

I am no stranger to the Summer Mourning Period, the prolonged length of time for which one lives in denial following the forced conclusion of their freedom.  And I know I am not alone.

After years of suffering; jarring awakenings with the knowledge that the looming mundanity of worldly obligation awaits me in the day ahead and that I must don non-pyjama pants for the first time in a week, I have deduced a sartorial formula.  A guidebook to assist you in clinging to those sparse remaining threads of holiday slothfulness whilst maintaining the public appearance of composure and dignity, even if it is only through your attire.

Consult the following guidelines to ease your post-holiday sartorial grief:

1.  When the thought of contemplating the contents of your floordrobe and assembling it into a functioning ensemble threatens to send you fleeing back to Carrie Bradshaw & Friends, always opt to wear all white.  Like it's all-black cousin, all-white-everything lends its wearer the illusion of envy-inducing chic, with minimal effort required on the part of the white-clad individual.  Unlike all-black, however, all-white is fresh and clean (Read:  it will distract attention from the unwashed hair you're sporting, courtesy of an extra two snooze sessions that morning).

2.  A shirt around the waist is the easiest and most fail-safe way to accessorise, adding an instant je ne sais quoi to an otherwise somewhat bland outfit.  Pre-waist-shirt your outfit says 'I'm chic but sartorially unoriginal' but post-accoutrement your garb will be proclaiming your superior fashion knowledgeability.  By adding just a simple accessory you can up your style credibility by ten-fold.  Bonus points if you've neglected to iron it, the undone look is key to conveying a chic vibe.  Or so I tell myself.

3.  Finally, invest in details.  The interesting cut of this top, my choice to take the extra time to throw on some subtle jewellery and editorial decision to wear heels are all key to achieving a sense of refinement; conveying the notion that the outfit is well-composed, when in fact it required very minimal effort.  Having details like this on hand can instantly enhance the aesthetic of your outfit.  For evidence consult Image 2:  this is the longest my legs have and probably ever will look.  And it's all courtesy of the heels.  I'm telling you; it's all in the details.

With these few tips in mind, feel free to retreat once more into the embrace of your bed linen to prolong your oblivion for a precious few minutes more, secure in the knowledge that your sartorial choices are taken care of.

Photography:  Deneale Sanders


  1. You really need to write a novel or a script or at least just do this everyday!
    Beautiful prose between beautiful poses :]

  2. love your blog by the way! just bookmarked it

    would love you to give me some advice on my blog...i would appreciate it so much as im trying to make it as good as possible!

  3. Your blog is spectacular! I absolutely love your white top in the last couple of pictures and I am digging how you tied your shirt around your waist. Very chic.