Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Hold On To Your Hats: Let's Talk Kym Ellery

Wearing:  Roxy Hat, L'AMERICA Dress, Nomadic Clutch, Senso Shoes

I have long been an admirer of Kym Ellery's unrivalled eye for elaborate nonchalance, feminine structure and glamorous cool.  She possesses the ingenious ability to manipulate any and all fabrics into visionary, geometric masterpieces at the mercy only of her limitless imagination.  She constructs wearable architecture; avant-garde for the every-woman.  

I have only once had the opportunity to buy myself a taste of Ellery's geometric wonderland, and yet I continue to covet every garment that she produces.  So I was overjoyed when Kym Ellery debuted her more affordable, street wear line; L'AMERICA.  

Her latest collection for L'AMERICA is a genius amalgam of sultriness, feminism, minimalism, ingenuity and edginess.  I struggled to commit to just one piece amongst man-repellingly cool rompers, pirate-chic puff-sleeved tops and no-need-to-say-more drop-crotch pants, but in the end my inability to resist a midi-length prevailed.  I allowed myself to indulge in the halter dress's milkmaid allure.

All that remained was the matter of accoutrements.  

I could easily have conformed to bohemian cliche, throwing on a flower crown and flouncing around barefoot on the beach in a series of colour-bleached artsy shots.  But I knew a piece designed by Kim Ellery deserved more than this.  In keeping with Ellery's theme of juxtaposing blunt modernity with frivolity and femininity, I diffused the quaintness of the dress with bold, contemporary adornments; resulting in an unexpected and engaging aesthetic.

Of course my favourite straw boater hat was an inevitable and essential addition to this sartorial equation, if only to provide me with an excuse to pull the 'nonchalantly holding my hat' pose in each and every photographic instance available to me.

In this perpetually changing world there are only two things we can rely on; sartorial structure and hat-holding always looking good.  

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